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Are you interested in a Bitcoin only hardware wallet? The Passport Batch 2 is an easy to use air-gapped device that stores your Bitcoin offline and keeps them safe.


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Who are they?

The Passport Batch 2 is the latest hardware wallet made by Foundation Devices Inc. Specifically the device is designed to safely store the private keys to your Bitcoin wallet. Foundation Devices, Inc. is an American company and all of their devices are manufactured and assembled locally. The company's mission is to build hardware and software that make it easier for individuals to claim their privacy and sovereignty.


  • Airgapped security with camera
  • Multisig support
  • Envoy companion app acts as a mobile wallet and as a setup guide
  • In-app support resources
  • Compatible with many different software wallets
  • Hardware and firmware are open source
  • High resolution color IPS display
  • Rechargeable battery powered via USB-C port
  • Fast STM processor
  • Microchip 608a secure element
  • Lithium ION battery that is easily removable and replaceable
  • MicroSD card for seed phrase backup and firmware updates

Supported Currencies

  • Bitcoin

How does it work?

The Passport Batch 2 is a hardware wallet that stores the private keys to your bitcoin offline so they are safe from potential hackers. In order to use this security device, you will need to download a mobile wallet such as the Envoy app to accompany it. In fact, the Envoy app which was also created by Foundation Device, Inc. acts as a setup guide and ensures secure updates to your Passport's firmware. The app also includes built-in video tutorials on setting up the device and using it to complete Bitcoin transactions. The idea behind the companion app is to make the airgapped security model more accessible. The Passport and Envoy app are able to communicate via QR codes. Although the Envoy app acts an interface to the Passport, the private keys always stay on the hardware wallet. The MicroSD card that comes with the wallet can be used to store an encrypted version of your private keys but also allows you to securely update your Passport's firmware.




The Passport was designed to be fully airgapped. Specifically, the Passport Batch 2 uses a camera to ensure that the device does not rely on wireless communications to function. In other words, the camera scans QR codes so that the user can sign Bitcoin transactions without connecting the device to the internet. Therefore, the user's private keys are never exposed. This practice is considered by many experts to be the most secure way of transacting with a Bitcoin wallet. In order for this method to work, you must use the Passport with a mobile wallet such as Envoy or BlueWallet.

In addition to airgapped security, the device uses firmware that is open source and that other hardware wallets have used. Open source code is constantly being reviewed and is considered best practice.

Overall, the Passport Batch 2 wallet offers one of the most secure hardware options on the market.

Pros of 


  • Hardware and firmware are open source
  • Built in America
  • Airgapped security
  • User friendly
  • Envoy app connects to internet via Tor by default for enhanced privacy
  • Multisig support

Cons of 


  • Device's battery is recharged through a USB-C port but may need an adapter to charge
  • More expensive than most other hardware wallets


What happens if I lose my Passport wallet?

If your wallet is lost or damaged, you can use your backup code to decrypt your microSD card and restore your wallet. The recovery process involves having the user enter the microSD card and backup code into a new Passport. ‍Alternatively, if you choose to backup your Passport with a seed phrase, you simply need to enter the seed words into a new device.

What happens to my bitcoin if I lose my Passport device?

As long as you have the backup code and the microSD card or the seed phrase written down on a non-digital material, you may import that backup onto a new device. By doing so, you will gain back access to all of your funds. ‍

What is a recovery seed (seed phrase)?

The recovery seed is a set of 24 words that need to be written down in sequential order. It’s a practical method for saving your private key in a readable format rather than using a very long series of numbers and letters. Whoever has access to your recovery seed can gain control of your wallet. It is imperative to keep it safe and private. 

Why do I need to use the Envoy app with my Passport Batch 2 device?

A watch-only wallet is required to be used with a Passport device because it is only to be used as a storage device for the private keys. The user may only view their balances and transactions with the phone app while the Passport device is used only for verifying and signing transactions.

Which cryptocurrencies and tokens does Passport Batch 2 support?

The Passport wallet only supports Bitcoin.

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