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If you’re a Canadian interested in purchasing your first Bitcoin, check out Coinberry! This exchange provides a quick and easy way to buy and learn more about Bitcoin.


Sleek interface.

Competitive fees.

Crypto payment methods.

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Who are they?

Coinberry is considered to be one of the safest and most secure digital currency trading platforms in Canada. Andrei Poliakov co-founded Coinberry in 2017 with Evan Kuhn in order to meet the high demand for cryptocurrencies. Coinberry is a FINTRAC-registered platform that allows its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Stellar and Bitcoin Cash. With a growing user base in the tens of thousands in Canada, they aim to deliver the best-in-class user experience. Coinberry’s platform supports both desktop and mobile experiences across a suite of Web, iOS and Android applications. The company has also made great progress in providing tax services for their customers. Coinberry is the first and currently the only digital currency platform to partner with Municipal Governments in Canada for Bitcoin tax payment processing.


Coinberry aims to provide their services as a global digital institution of the future. Here are the main features that Coinberry provides for its users:

  • Easy to Use Interface: Coinberry has an intuitive interface that provides all of the necessary data and features for their users.
  • Coinberry Pay: Coinberry offers the simplest Bitcoin payment processing solution created for merchants, charities, municipalities and individuals looking to accept cryptocurrency payments, donations and tips.
  • Low Bitcoin and Crypto Fees: Coinberry allows for a spread between 0% and 2.5% of a coin’s market price. No fees are added onto the final sale.
  • 0% CAD Funding & Withdrawal Fees: There are no fees for transferring or withdrawing funds from your Coinberry account.
  • Quick Account Verification: Over 90% of the customers who sign up with Coinberry are able to be verified instantly. A user may fund their account and begin trading within minutes.
  • Easy Funding Methods: Interac E-Transfers, credit or debit cards, and wire transfers allow for convenient methods to fund accounts. 
  • 24/7 Trading: Coinberry’s trading platform is built in a way that is accessible 24/7 and on the go.
  • Live Support: Coinberry has a dedicated support team that will be able to help you with any questions you have. Whether it is account related or if you have questions about the offered digital products, Coinberry support will be able to help. 
  • Offline Security: Coinberry uses industry-standard cold storage solutions to store crypto assets and has Schedule I Canadian Banking partners for all CAD assets.
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA): By having customers use a two factor security layer, bad actors are much less likely to perform a successful attack on user accounts.
  • Trust and Security: Coinberry has a zero tolerance policy toward fraud. Coinberry stores all user data on secure servers within Canada. All infrastructure and financials undergo an annual third party audit as well.
  • Federally Registered: Coinberry is a FINTRAC registered company. This means that they are fully compliant and committed to proper user onboarding, fraud monitoring, and reporting.
  • Referral Program: By signing up with Coinberry, users have the opportunity to invite others and be compensated for their efforts.
  • Coinberry Blog: Coinberry provides a knowledge base for new users to learn about all of the new developments and best practices within the space.


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Stellar (XLM)

Fiat Currencies

  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Payment Methods

Coinberry supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Interac E-Transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies may also be sent and withdrawn

Supported Countries

Coinberry operates in the following country:

  • Canada

Fees and Buying Limits

  • Trading fees: Fees for each trade will vary based on a 0% to 2.5% spread.
  • Funding accounts: There are no fees for funding accounts.
  • Digital Currencies: Coinberry does not charge any crypto deposit fees. To cover mining fees, they charge the following for crypto withdrawal fees: BTC - 0.0003, ETH - 0.011, LTC - 0.02, XRP - 1, XLM - 1, BCH - 0.00002

Customer Reviews

“Coinberry is a Canadian exchange that lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies for CAD. It is compliant with PIPEDA and registered with FINTRAC. There are no fees for funding or withdrawals, and trade fees are only around 0.5 percent. In its short history, Coinberry has not faced any scandals, hacks, or leaks.”

“Coinberry is a great exchange to use for first time cryptocurrency investors who reside in Canada. It offers all the basic features you need, including the ability to buy and sell 3 of the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin), deposit or withdraw funds from multiple sources (E-Transfer, Credit card/debit card, Wire transfer) and trade with limited to no fees.”

“Coinberry is a decent cryptocurrency exchange that is regulated by a reputable authority. The company has had no issues since its creation, and that is a very good sign. Most of the user reviews also show that the exchange can be trusted. Although Coinberry does not offer a huge variety of coins to work with, the service is very promising and will expand in the future.”




Coinberry aims to be one of the most secure crypto exchanges in Canada. With their streamlined sign up process, over 90% of the customers are able to be verified instantly. This allows for funding to be available within minutes. If any issues occur during a trade, Coinberry has a dedicated support team that will be able to help user trades execute properly. Additionally, Coinberry’s offline security approach ensures that no users data will be stored on servers outside of Canada. Two factor authentication (2FA) is also required when using an account with Coinberry. This security measure adds an extra layer of protection against bad actors. By using an email or authenticator app to verify that the customer is signing into their Coinberry account, it is much less likely that accounts will be compromised. A zero tolerance policy toward fraud is also enforced on the platform. Accounts go through all KYC and AML procedures by requiring the necessary identification documents from customers. All infrastructure and financials undergo annual third party audits. Coinberry is also a FINTRAC registered company. This means that they are fully compliant and committed to proper user onboarding, fraud monitoring, and reporting.

Pros of 


  • Competitive fees.
  • Easy funding methods.
  • Coinberry Pay.

Cons of 


  • Only available for Canadian residents.
  • May not meet the needs of professional traders.


Is Coinberry a good crypto exchange?

Coinberry is one of the best exchanges available in Canada because of their focus on security and an easy onboarding process for new users. By subscribing to all regulations and security protocols, Coinberry is a great option for anyone new to the space.

Will Coinberry be available in other countries outside of Canada?

Coinberry does not have plans to expand their services to other countries at this time.

Does Coinberry have a minimum amount for opening an account?

There is no minimum amount required for opening an account.

Does Coinberry have a referral program?

Yes, Coinberry has a referral program. A referred account must be verified and trade at least $50 before both you and the person you refer receive $20.

Does Coinberry have trading fees?

Coinberry does not have any fees for funding or withdrawing accounts. The only fees that are included is the spread for the current price of a digital asset that is between 0% and 2.5%.

What is Coinberry Pay?

Coinberry Pay allows customers to purchase products and services with Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). This platform is created for merchants, charities, municipalities and Individuals looking to accept Bitcoin payments or donations. Users also have the option to have all BTC payments or donations instantly converted to CAD and deposited into their bank accounts.

Deniz Saat
Deniz Saat is an IT services specialist and technical writer.
Jonathan Hamel
CEO and Founder of Académie Bitcoin

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