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Ledn allows users to earn interest, access dollar loans, access loans to buy more Bitcoin, and trade Bitcoin.


Bitcoin lending services to maximize your Bitcoin returns. 

Excellent customer service.

Transparent and adheres to proof-of-reserves.

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Who are they?

Ledn is a lending platform that offers lending services while using Bitcoin as collateral. The company is a diverse, Toronto-based team that prides themselves in bringing world-class financial services to their clients. Founded in 2018 by Adam Reeds and Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, the two wanted to build a company that helps people save in digital assets with access to loans. Ledn’s suite of products offer their customers the ability to use Bitcoin-backed loans and other lending-based financial instruments that one would find at traditional banks. The process for applying to a Ledn loan is simple and aims to be as straightforward as possible for the company as well as the customers.

Ledn also provides proof-of-reserves for their clients in order to prove that they hold the funds that they claim to hold. They hold all digital and collateral assets in their own custodial-grade cold storage facility. Each of their clients’ funds are stored in their own individual wallet address for transparency and allows each client to monitor their balance on any block explorer.


Ledn has a number of products and services that are not yet offered at other exchanges. The company focuses on providing a seamless experience with their application process while providing an easy to use interface. Here are their main features:

  • Account verification: Ledn requires user’s full name, email, password, username, and home address. For loans, you will need a copy of your government-issued identification document, a copy of your proof-of-address document, and an image of you holding your government-issued ID, and your bank account details for funding.
  • Buy, sell, and send Bitcoin or USDC: All funds may be used for trading. Other digital assets are planned to be added in the future. Zero fee trading.
  • Email notifications: For all withdrawals, sign-ins, purchases, and applications within your Ledn account. An email will be sent to verify that all account activity is legitimate.
  • 2FA with an authenticator app: Users will be able to use two-factor authentication with an authentication app for signing in. Authenticator apps have the lowest probability of being compromised and will be an ideal option for most users when signing into their Ledn account. 
  • Insurance: Ledn’s custodian, BitGo, has one of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the space. BitGo is the world’s first qualified custodian for storing digital assets.
  • Mobile app: The Ledn mobile app allows you to view all activity and monitor all balances within your account. The app makes it simple and straightforward to deposit and trade funds.
  • Customer Support: Ledn has a very devoted team to make sure that you and your funds are given the highest priority.
  • B2X Loans: These loans allow you to take a portion of your Ledn Savings Account to double your balance.
  • Bitcoin-backed loans: Allows you to use your bitcoin as collateral and gain access to dollar loans. 7.90% annual interest and 9.90% APR (rates are subject to change).
  • BTC & USDC Savings Accounts: These savings accounts allow you to earn interest on your Bitcoin and USDC. Up to 5.25% annual interest on your Bitcoin and up to 7.50% on USDC that is paid monthly (rates are subject to change).

Bitcoin Mortgage: Ledn recently released Bitcoin Mortgage and is available for certain customers in Canada. You can use your Bitcoin holdings to buy a new property or finance the home you already own. Clients who are interested in this product will need to own Bitcoin equivalent to the property they are purchasing (or already own). Both the Bitcoin and property are accepted as collateral, and a loan is issued equal to 50% of the combined value of both assets.


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • USD Coin (USDC)

Fiat Currencies

  • For loans: Ledn pays customers in Canadian Dollar (CAD), United States Dollar (USD), USD Coin (USDC), and may be able to payout loans in your local fiat currency.
  • Ledn loans may be paid back in BTC, USDC, and USD via wire transfer.

Payment Methods

Ledn supports the following payment methods:

  • Wire transfer (options may vary depending on the country you reside in)
  • Bitcoin and USDC may also be sent and withdrawn

Supported Countries

Ledn operates in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • And more…

You will need to contact support@ledn.io to verify if your country currently qualifies for a Ledn loan.

Fees and Buying Limits

  • No direct fees: No fees are charged to customers for buy orders, sell orders, deposits, or withdrawals. All withdrawal fees will vary depending on how much you choose to pay for the network fees (for miners to verify your transactions on the network).
  • A minimum of 0.0005 BTC can be withdrawn.
  • No trading fees but market prices are set at a premium.
  • No fees are charged for Ledn Savings Accounts.
  • For loans, the interest and administrative fees must be paid by the end of the term. Payment dates are flexible.

Customer Reviews

“A good, solid, service. I also like that they did not fall into hubspot data breach due to their careful handling of permissions, unlike BlockFi. Good response from customer service. Excellent interest rates for savings. Only downsides for me are the lack of coins other than USDC and BTC, no free USDC withdrawals, and the website is a little bit boring (maybe a good thing!). All round I was really pleased with ledn - happy to trust them with my funds.”

“I'm very satisfied with Ledn support. I only have a pair of months as a client but I trust completely in this platform, especially after I saw an interview with Mauricio di Bartolomeo, the venezuelan guy that, like me (I'm from Paraguay), represents South America in a brilliant way! Let's grow together!” 


“Ledn offers the absolute best rate on USDC that I've been able to find on any CeFi lending platform: 12.50% on USDC at the time of writing this review. They also offer solid rates on BTC.” 

-User Review




Ledn is one of the most trusted platforms in the space and has been around since 2018. The company strives to ensure that their customers control all of their assets and data. The Ledn team is composed of years of experience from some of the top banks and financial companies in Canada and around the world. All user data is encrypted as well as when it is transferred. Encryption is used whenever possible for storing personal information and when executing transactions. Customer data is only used for verifying identities and facilitating transactions. Banking data is also needed in order to conduct withdrawals and deposits for various Ledn products. This data may be deleted or updated by request. Please be aware that Ledn has the right to change their privacy policy at any point.

2FA is an important feature that Ledn utilizes for account security on the customer’s end for when they need to login and confirm transactions. Ledn also requires video verification for withdrawals that are above certain limits for added security.

Pros of 


  • Proof of reserves.
  • Customer service is top notch.
  • Secure lending services.
  • Customer data is safe.
  • No minimum balance to earn interest.

Cons of 


  • High interest rates for loans.
  • Yield payment rates are subject to change.


Is Ledn a good crypto exchange?

Ledn provides some of the best customer service in the space to get started. All exchange services are available for their customers to buy, sell, and trade BTC and USDC. Their comprehensive security protocols are the industry standard and take extensive steps to protect customer data.

Is Ledn available in other countries outside of Canada?

Yes, Ledn is available in most countries. You may send an email to support@ledn.io to check if they offer their services in your area.

Does Ledn have a minimum amount for opening an account?

No, Ledn does not require a minimum initial deposit or an opening balance. You may also earn interest with no minimum.

Do I have to pay a fee to sign up for a Ledn account?

No fee is required for signing up for a Ledn account.

Does Ledn have a referral program?

Yes, the new client and referee will both receive 10 USDC once the holding period for the new account is completed.

Does Ledn have trading fees?

Ledn has no fees for its services and products. All market prices will be listed at a slight premium to the actual prices. A minimum of 0.0005 BTC may be withdrawn. All withdrawal fees will vary depending on how much you choose to pay for the network fees (for miners to verify your transactions on the network).

Deniz Saat
Deniz Saat is an IT services specialist and technical writer.
Jonathan Hamel
CEO and Founder of Académie Bitcoin

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