6 Bitcoin Stocks That You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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April 9, 2021
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Deniz Saat
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Although MicroStrategy and Tesla have been getting the lion's share of media attention recently over their respective Bitcoin purchases, there are many other public companies that have a decent amount of bitcoin on their balance sheets. Here are 6 stocks that could make some noise in 2021:

(As of April 7, 2021)

1. Voyager Digital LTD 

Amount of bitcoin held: 1239 BTC

Market cap: $184,880,152

Profile: A digital assets trading company that operates through its subsidiaries to help clients buy and sell cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges for the US and Canadian markets. Voyager may also be treated like a mutual fund. With a client base that is likely to continue purchasing assets through them, they are in a decent position to address markets that are underutilized as the space grows.

2. Coin Citadel Inc.

Amount of bitcoin held: 513 BTC

Market cap: N/A

Profile: A blockchain infrastructure company that provides cryptocurrency investments for traditional firms. Many of Coin Citadel’s workforce has access and relationships with a number of companies that specialize in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, digital assets, tokens, mobile payment apps, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency storage. Coin Citadel actively monitors the shifts and sentiment within the market to predict investment trends for their clients.

3. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. 

Amount of bitcoin held: 292 BTC

Market cap: $28,413,023

Profile: A Canadian based company that invests in cryptocurrencies and privacy technologies. Not only does Cypherpunk invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are developing methods for more privacy, their main thesis is that privacy will be a scarce and sought after service in the near future. Their research and development team are actively staying up to date on the latest privacy trends and technologies for their investors.

4. Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG 

Amount of bitcoin held: 254 BTC

Market cap: N/A

Profile: A specialized software company located in Frankfurt, Germany. The company develops artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency software. Advanced Bitcoin Technologies has a top notch team developing products on various blockchains, as well as payment services for their clients. This company is unavailable to trade for US citizens, but if one has access to trade on the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange (DUS), this company may be of interest to certain investors.

5. BIGG Digital Assets Inc.  

Amount of bitcoin held: 300 BTC

Market cap: $634,928,450

Profile: A Canadian company that develops search and analytics software for blockchain technologies. BIGG also offers brokerage services to clients within the traditional finance space. Digital assets will become more and more appealing for larger firms within Canada as taxes are raised in the near future. Many may also come to the conclusion that it is better to keep a portion of their balance sheet in Bitcoin because it is a verifiably scarce asset that cannot be inflated like the Canadian Dollar.

6. DigitalX 

Amount of bitcoin held: 215 BTC

Market cap: $43,501,947

Profile: A company that provides blockchain application development and digital asset management services in Australia. There is a consulting arm and another segment for asset management as well. The DigitalX team has continued to demonstrate their expertise in the blockchain space since 2014. DigitalX is able to facilitate and consult new startups that focus on digital asset products.

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Deniz Saat
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