How to Buy Bitcoin on Swan

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February 26, 2023
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Coinbeast Contributor
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Jonathan Hamel

Step 1-Buy Bitcoin

1. Go to Swan Bitcoin and create an account. 

2. Enter the one time passcode that was sent to your email in order to login. 

3. Link your bank account to your Swan Bitcoin account.

4. Scroll down to the middle of your dashboard and click on the "Buy Instantly" button.  

5. A popup window will allow you to select how much you wish to purchase. Note that there is a $100 minimum. Select “Next” when ready.

6. Select “Buy Now” if all the provided information is correct.

After clicking "Buy Now", you will receive a congratulatory prompt.

Step 2-Withdraw Bitcoin

1. On the Swan Bitcoin dashboard, scroll down to the “Withdraw Now” button and click on it. 

2. You can skip the 2FA feature for now. 

3. Select “Add a single wallet”

4. Open your Muun wallet and hit the RECEIVE button.  Copy the address. 

5. Go back to Swan website. Enter a name and the recipient’s wallet address. In the address box, paste the address that you copied from your Muun wallet. Select “Validate and Use Address”.

6. Confirm your wallet by entering the code sent to you.

7. You may now enter the amount you wish to send and select the bitcoin address that you just added.

You will get a confirmation email from Prime Trust directly. Prime Trust is Swan Bitcoin’s partnered custodian. This ensures that Swan can never move your Bitcoin without your permission. The email will contain a link to Prime Trust's website at, where you will confirm the withdrawal. You have 24 hours to confirm your withdrawal. If the withdrawal lapses, you will have to trigger another withdrawal to confirm.

Once the withdrawal is confirmed, please allow a few minutes for the withdrawal to show on the Bitcoin blockchain.  

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